Pricing & Permits

Ottawa Deck Permits

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How much do your projects typically cost?

Low maintenance decks do come with a higher initial price than standard wood decks and patios. Each project is unique in its design and complexity but our clients budgets for a low maintenance deck typically range between 25k-50k.

What elements of a deck design have an impact on total cost?

Not every deck is the “S.A.M.E.” Your deck’s overall Size, Angles, Material Quality and Elevation will determine the costs and complexity of your project.

Size–  The larger the size or square-footage of the deck the more it will cost to install.  From a relative standpoint a larger deck can often have a less expensive cost/sqft than a smaller deck due to economies of scale.

Angles– The more angles in both the deck  or decking patterns the more complexity and waste there will be and therefore will typically raise the cost/sqft of the deck

Materials– The quality of your materials or finishes you select have a large impact on the upfront cost. Low maintenance decks have a higher cost/sqft then standard wood decks.

 Although low maintenance decks have a higher upfront cost, a quality low maintenance decking product such as Trex or Timbertech will not deteriorate like wood products and will save you money on maintenance and typically provide a better resale value when you sell your house.

Elevation– The higher your deck from grade typically the more your deck will cost. The reason is that elevation has a direct impact on 1) Footing size requirements 2) Stair sizes 3) Railing requirements  and 4) Skirting amounts.

Do I need building permit?

Generally speaking, your project will require a City of Ottawa permit if your deck is going to be above 24″ from the grade of your yard.

(Don’t worry we handle all the preparation and permissions required. This includes but not limited to all  permit applications, permit drawings, required engineer documentation and we meet with city inspectors for all inspections.)

For more information on permit requirements please visit the city of Ottawa Permit Information link below.

If you have any other questions regarding pricing, permits  or would like to set up an appointment for an onsite consultation please do not hesitate to contact us at “”.